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What is the secret to finding 

top performing salespeople?

It's discovering and understanding their driving forces

What is a Driving Force? It's what makes a person get out of bed, excited for the day. It's the hidden force that energizes them to invest their time, talent and resources to gaining a sale! 


What drives a top performing salesperson can stand in stark contrast to a lesser performing sales candidate.

Groundbreaking research in the United States and Europe now confirms that driving forces far outweigh looking good, sounding good or behavior in distinguishing top salespeople.

Top performing sales people are driven to maximize productivity and focus on getting a return for their time, talent and resources invested. 


However, how can you tell if the sales candidate has what it takes?  ​Traditional resume's and interviews are not an effective predictor of how they will perform on the job.  

Our New Talent Insights Sales Assessment is designed specifically towards salespeople. In fact it is the only assessment on the market that measures a salesperson’s behavior style or DISC, and more importantly identifies what motivates and drives their actions.  Understanding a salesperson’s driving forces will give you an additional dimension to predict success.  In fact, according to a research study, 72% of top performing salespeople were all found to have the same "number one" ranked driving force. 


The Talent Insight Sales Assessments are administered via the web and are safely secured in your own client assessment portal.  It takes 15-20 minutes for a candidate to complete the assessment.  After completion the assessment report is sent directly to the client's inbox for review. 


In addition, Jeff Gardner is available for a private consultation to interpret the results of the candidate's assessment report.  


For more information, please email or phone Jeff Gardner: 847-202-1705,

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