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Building a Successful Inside Sales Team

“Over the past three years, insides sales grew at a fifteen times higher rate over outside sales” 

            - According to a survey conducted by inside|sales and SKKU/MIT

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Advantages of an inside sales team: 

  • Lower cost per contact

  • Lower overall customer acquisition cost

  • Faster response times and greater efficiency

  • More and more buyers prefer to deal with salespeople over the phone vs. face-to-face

At Maximum Performance Group we have the expertise to implement a successful inside sales program from start to finish:


  1. Hiring the right people for your inside sales team

  2. Compensation, incentives and motivation for your inside sales team

  3. Sales tools, equipment and systems for inside sales

  4. Sales process, KPI’s and metrics

  5. Training System with scripts, tactics, and strategies for a successful inside sales team

  6. Managing, monitoring and coaching your inside sales team

Real-world and on-the-job proven training and coaching programs

Our programs are successful because we are out in the field & on the phone working side-by-side, driving results with both inside and outside salespeople on a regular basis

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