What separates a Top Performing Salesperson from the rest?  

What separates top performing sales rep.

Appreciate your Salespeople

By Jeff Gardner


Most assets in a business depreciate over time.  They lose value as they slowly deteriorate or wear out.  Salespeople on the other hand, can be an asset which appreciates over time.  Given the right coaching and training, salespeople can grow in their value.  By being able to open up new business and maximize sales with current customers they will continually bring in more bottom-line profits.  Leading to a ROTI, Return-On-Training-Investment for the organization. 


Commitment to Learning

Ask yourself: What is the attitude in this organization toward learning?  The starting point to increasing your "people asset" is to create the right organizational atmosphere, one where learning becomes part of the day-to-day environment.  Make a commitment to investing time and money to advance learning in your organization.  


One company decided to make learning to become a significant part of their environment. They started by including learning as part of their employee performance improvement process. 


Twice a year each employee responds to the question: What two things will you learn over the next 6 months to improve your effectiveness on the job?  Each person in the organization, across all roles, answers the question by developing a personal written learning plan. They present the  plan to their manager and set monthly meetings to ensure follow-through.


At the end of six months, the manager and employee discuss what was learned and how it has impacted their job effectiveness.  The learning environment in that organization has improved dramatically and it’s shown up on the bottom-line as well.


Treat learning as an ongoing process, not a once a year “go to a workshop event.”  One of my consultants describes this event type training as the “vaccination” approach.  


There’s an old saying – “repetition is the mother of learning.”   If you want the training to stick you must reinforce the concepts on-the-job with your salespeople.


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